Jessore Federation of the Blind (JFB)



Jessore Federation of the Blind (JFB)

Office : Jail Road, Goph, Post-Jessore-7400, Kotwali, Jessore



Jessore Federation of the blind (JFB) is a self help group of organization of blind people in jessore district in Bangladesh. It is managed by 11 members of executive committee.  



Jessore Federation of the Blind (JFB)

Office : Jail Road, Goph, Post-Jessore-7400, Kotwali, Jessore




 Established date :  29 May 1978


 Registration Number : Social Welfare Division :  Jessore-160/79, Date : 19 October 1979


Executive Comittee


§  Idris Ali : President


§  Md Shahabuddin : Vice President,


§  Md Mokter Ali Secretary General,


§  Md Jahidul Islam Assistant Secretary,


§  Md Rostom Ali, Publicity Secretary


§  M A Manan Montu Executive Member, 


§  Hafez Rezayk Executive Member


§  Md Jajal Uddin Executive Member


§  Torikul Islam Executive Member


§  Md Abdus Samad Treasurer


§  Md Fazlul Haque  Executive Member



In the world 1.12 billion people are disabled which is 15% of the world's population, they experience some form of disability and disability prevalence is higher for developing countries. One-fifth of the estimated global total population or between 110 million and 190 million people, experience significant disabilities. JFB is a Non Government, Non-profitable, Non Political and Charity Global Organization mainly dealing with disabled, disadvantaged and distressed people of the world, specially disabled women, girls, children and deaf blind people.

Vision : The main vision  is  to make a world for the disabled peoples to enjoy their all rights, facilities, dignities and opportunities in respect of human being.


Mission: The main mission  is to take effort to improve the living condition of the disabled, disadvantaged, poor, distressed and destitute communities of the world.


Goal : The Main Goal  is to render all out cooperation  to the disabled peoples organizations to work together for ensuring real development, self reliance, safety, independent living, socio-economical and cultural improvement of the persons with disabilities through fund raising from national-international donor organizations, individuals and philanthropic all over the world.


Objectives of the organization : The main objectives  that will be implemented through disabled people’s organizations (DPOs) in different countries of the world. The permission will be received for all or any of the following objectives from  government or competent authorities



01. To conduct humanitarian or charitable activities in partnership with the disabled people’s organizations (DPOs).


02. To take up activities for the literature, arts and science education through establishing schools, colleges and universities.


03. To distribute relief materials among the neglected, poor, sick and disabled people.


04. To make arrangement for improved method training to increase the efficiency of action for illiterate and semi-literate people.


05. The organization will take part in national and international level community for implementation of its goal and objectives and development of this organization or disabled people or their DPOs.


06. To take steps for actualization of the initiatives proposed and adopted by the United Nations for the protection of dignity of persons with disabilities. To take steps to ensure the full implementation of laws, policies, action plans and other instructions or documents committed and signed or have been issued on behalf of persons with disabilities by State parties.


07. To take measures for the achievement all kinds of financial, administrative and technical support of the government through giving priority to women with disabilities to increase the number of DPOs and strengthen them.


08. To create the opportunity and to increase cooperation for representing in the national and international level and increase the number of partner organizations


09. To provide necessary support to buildup strong, dynamic and active DPOs.


10. To take appropriate measures for expenditure by the DPOs for the development and welfare of persons with disabilities through charitable fundraising from national and international donors.


11. To provide all kind of supports including legal aid for  empowerment of the disabled women, rehabilitation of the street children and to protect both of them from all forms of exploitation, depression and torture.


12. To provide all kind of supports especially for the deaf blind people of the world.












Jessore Federation of the Blind (JFB)

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