Administration and Management   

Health and Rehabilitation



Employment/Income Generation Activities

Advocacy and Awareness Raising



Human Rights.


Advocacy for promoting the quality of lives of the disable children       

Disaster management and preparedness.

Tree plantation.

Empowering the Visually Impaired women.

Legal Aid supports


Future Plan of Action of JFB :

To set up JFB branch Organization in the district level

Formation of Grassroots Visually Impaired People’s Organizations ( GDPO)/ Self- Helps group.

To take necessary step for allotment of Govt. unusable lands as lease through local  administration.

To establish Disability Complex  at divisional level.

Collection of requirements and need assessment.

Transcription of Notes and  text books in Braille system

Distribution of Braille books and notes to the  blind students in Schools, Colleges & Universities

Meeting with Managing Committee of Educational Institutions for ensuring admission, free and safe accessibility in the school premises and educational facilities for the Visually Impaired children.

Meeting with parents of the Visually Impaired children for motivation and awareness raising on integrated and special education.

Distribution of study materials to Visually Impaired students.

To organize adult literacy program for the Visually Impaired People.

Campaign at different education institution for creation of awareness among the teachers and students about disability issue

Distribution of stipend to the Visually Impaired students

Encouragement of Visually Impaired children to be admitted in special/general school with providing study materials and possible co-operation.

Establishment of School for the blind Girls with the Hostel

Leadership Development Training.

Skill Development on Income Generation Activities (IGA)

Advocacy Training.

Rights on Gender Training.

Orientation & mobility and activities of daily living training will be provided for the Visually Impaired People as when as it is needed.

Self-Confidence building training .

Accounts Management training.

Disability Management training.

Orientation training for the School teachers on disability issue .

Visually Impaired People will be referred to the different training


Computer  and Internet Training.

Graphics design and Software training.

Internet income training.



Affiliation of the Organization:

JFB is working for the Disability to alleviate their sorrow through different programs as it is a human rights issue which has a strong linkage to become under poverty level. We focus on disadvantages societies irrespective of their faith, color, race and disabilities will have the right to enjoy equal rights, status, dignities and opportunities in respect of human being.  Through our services we try to improve the quality of life of Blind persons, disadvantages, destitute and distress communities. However, we are working to empower, to advocate and ensure the rights of Blind persons are upheld.


Network Agencies:



        Voice of Bangladesh



Activities of organization

Memorization and general education activities in Braille system.

Various socio-economic development of visually impaired people.

Provide financial assistance for medical assistance.

Creating ideas among Blind persons about disability.

Water and sanitation activities.

Prohibition of child rights activities and child labor.

Anti-tobacco activities.

Environmental activities.

Distribution of relief materials among the visually impaired.

Advocacy and lobbying activities for the rights of Blind persons.

Training on movement of visually impaired.

Formation of group of Blind persons.

Distribution of textiles and other food items.

Distribution of educational materials among students with disabilities.

Provide one-time scholarships for visually impaired persons and their children

Income generating projects.

Awareness programs on various topics

Celebrate different days announced by the government

Eliminate illiteracy


Capacity Building Training

Awareness Raising Program

Democracy and Sustainable Human Development

Motivation & Sensitization

Community Health & Education Program

Climate Change Adaptation, mitigation and Small Projects for adaptation and livelihood Project,  Nursery and agriculture Project,  Fishing, Goat Rearing etc.

Self-help Group Formation

Education Programs for blind and other disabled Children.

Providing of Educational Material

Services for the Blind children & their Families

Environment, Forestry and Agriculture Program.

Family planning, Health and Nutrition Program

Providing of Assistive Devices

To prevent violence against women and motivation program

Literacy Program for Visually Impaired children

Agriculture Training

Nutrition Training for Visually Impaired women

Sanitation awareness raising program.

Nursery Project, Fishing project.

Primary health Care

Fisheries, poultry

Adoption and implementation of anti-dowry programs and

Forestry and nursery programs


Plan of Actions

Development and rehabilitation of Visually Impaired persons with particular emphasis on women & children.

Development of human rights for Visually Impaired, disadvantage people, women Right, poor distressed and destitute persons.

Vocational Training Center for Visually Impaired groups.

Building school for the Visually Impaired communities.

Establishment a hospital/ treatment centre for Visually Impaired and disadvantaged groups.

Tactile communication training & education center.

Mass education and literacy program.

Arrange agriculture training program.



Strategies of the Organization:

Working with the Visually Impaired and their principle care givers.

Building alliances with the civil society; awareness raising; advocacy and networking (both at Head Office and Project level).

Strengthen the socio-economic and cultural status of Visually Impaired People.

Sustainable development at community level.

Expansion of programs.

Mainstreaming gender.

Formation of Grassroots  Visually Impaired People’s Organizations (GDPOs)

Setup JFB branch organizations at the district and sub-district level.

Formation of Visually Impaired women committee and Human rights Coordination Committee.