Donate for the blind people 

It is requested to the  humanitarian person eager to donate JFB 


Organizational Bank Account name is :  JFB  
Bank Account Number : 
Bank Name : Savings Account No , Islamic Bank  Ltd,  Jessore-7400


Source of Fund of the Organization :

1) Donations from local people and sponsoring members

2) District Administration, Jessore

3) National Disability Development Foundation

4) Grants of the National Social Welfare Council

5) District Council, Jessore

6) Local donations


Account management System of the Organization : The treasurer of the organization is in the sole charge of the Accounts. The fund generated through donations of National and International Donor Agencies remains deposited in the Account opened in the name of the organization, in any of the scheduled Banks wherefrom the monetary transactions are made under the joint signatures of 2 of the 3 bonafide office bearers viz the President, Secretary General cum Executive Director and treasurer. The Executive Director is the main signatory of any Bank transactions. All financial dealings are conducted by the provisions as contained in the Accounts and Financial Procurement Manual approved by the General Council of JFB. All financial transactions like credit and debit vouchers, financial statements Audit Reports etc are preserved as important financial documents. The Accounts officer of the organization is responsible for all sorts of maintenance of the financial records, duly checked and signed by the Executive Director. The accounts officer is also responsible for preparing annual financial statement and annual budget in consultation with the Executive Director and treasurer of the organization. Then the budget and financial statement is placed through the treasurer in the annual general meeting and passed by the general council of the organization.


Monitoring and Evaluation procedure of the Organization : The monitoring and evaluation procedure is given below: For meaningful evaluation of the programs of project activities, a continuous monitoring   system is applied for which trained and experienced staffs are deployed. The implementing process as per work-plan is duly supervised by the Field Supervisors whole activities are supervised by the Project Coordinator. The Executive Director ex-officio Project Director pays occasional or surprised visits to the field operations to look for any irregularity or problem and to provide appropriate remedies. For discussion on the whole program, monthly coordination meetings are  held at the Project Office duly attended by Field Staffs, sometimes representatives of the beneficiaries and such meetings are sometimes attended by the Project Director as observer also.


Reporting and documentation process of the Organization : JFB follows the following system as regards to documentation and reporting on the program activities. The Field Organizers/Facilitators of JFB prepare daily activities reports on the performances in their respective field of operation and submit them to their respective line manager who prepare monthly activities reports and submit to the Project Director and Project Coordinator who prepares the quarterly Activities Reports and submit to the Program Consultant or Assistant Director . After review it is submitted to Executive Director. Depending on the duration of the Project Annual or Final Activities Report is prepared and published by the Executive Director- a copy of which is submitted to Executive Committee and the Donor Agencies.


Long Term Plan :

Establishment of School for the blind Girls with the Hostel

To establish Disability Complex  at divisional level.

To setup a Vocational Training Center.

Health and Rehabilitation centre will be established in the different part of the country.

To establish a radio centre for the disable Persons.

Arrangement of Special Transportation facilities including easy accessibility of the disable persons.

Eye Hospital  will be established in the selective area.

Physio and Occupational Therapy centre will be established.

Establishment of disability research centre.

Establishment of Employment Bureau for the Unemployed Visually Impaired People

To establish recreational centre for the Blind persons.

To establish assistive device production industry for the Visually Impaired person.

To set up software firm and ICT centre to invent software technology usable for the disable people of Bangladesh.

To establish newspaper and online media with the involvement of disable people.

To establish permanent Information & Resource Center on Disability (IRCD)

To create free and safe accessibility in different important public places.

To work for stopping child abuse and child labour.

To take different types of programs for improving the living quality of the Street-Children.

Priority areas of the Organization.

To create self-help groups / teams to establish and protect the rights and dignity of Blind persons to establish.

Create employment opportunities for Blind persons to increase their purchasing power and contribute to family as a member of the family to ensure their credibility.

To create educational opportunities of Informal and formal and all types education for Blind persons.

To build Blind persons as worthy citizens of the state, to empower them and assurance of integrating development, self-reliant, independent and self-reliant way of life.

To provide advice and support including legal assistance to blind women victims of violence, torture of any form, in all possible way.

To work for Visually Impaired-friendly environment and access to development.


Our organization is dedicated to develop the condition and all types Visually Impaired and distressed people of our country. So, we want all possible cooperation and support of concerned institution of government and established citizen  of Bangladesh.


Therefore, there is no shortage of vigorous efforts to make JFB Organization a modern and adaptable organization for the visually impaired. Therefore, with the help of local and foreign financial assistance, the overall development of Jessore district, including the financial development of visually impaired people, will take place through Jessore blind organization. And Jessore Blind Organization will stand tall in the heart of Bangladesh as a beautiful and successful organization. For this, the well-thought-out opinion and cooperation of the members and well-wishers of all levels of Jessore Blind Organization is absolutely necessary.