Mission of JFB :   The main mission of JFB is to make effort to improve the socio economic condition of the blind, disabled, disadvantaged people, human rights-especially women & children, poor distressed and destitute persons. Socio-economic up-liftment of the disabled people with health & hygiene, education, self-help, human rights, gender equity, income generation, recreation & shelter through multipurpose skills development training & improvement of environment.

Objectives of the Organization : 

Following are the objectives of the organization through which JFB intends to achieve its vision, mission and goal for creating an environment with equal opportunity, participation, inclusion and anti-discrimination dignity of Blind persons.

To make joint efforts for prevention and eradication of blindness through eye camps, provision of medicines to blind patients and provision of proper treatment.

Creating a humane approach to the daily life of the blind among the visually impaired.

To draw the attention of the public and the government through cultural programs, meeting committees and competitive programs among the blind students for the welfare of the blind.

Establishing friendships between the visually impaired and the visually impaired. And developing the mentality of doing something for the visually impaired by the visually impaired.

Arranging general education, vocational education and industrial training and technology training for the blind.

To organize the blind persons and the members of their families and the destitute people into functional groups to participate in suitable program for improvement of their life situation.

To organize and implement suitable programs for socio economic development of the blind & disadvantages people including their families and the society as self respected members with dignity. It is so needed, as the Visually Impaired People are still remained dependent on mercy of the society.

To change the attitude of community people to provide assistance for developing the Visually Impaired persons and destitute people rather than apathetic feeling for them.                         

To undertake survey, study and research works on disability issue to find out valuable data that can help planning, undertaking and implementation of viable programs for the Visually Impaired & disadvantage people.

To develop the targeted people into skilled, conscious and qualified through arranging training, seminar and workshop etc.

To reduce social diseases like divorce, abandon, separation, dowry and torture through increasing the social value of women and participation in decision-makings processes.

To develop the local environmental situations political free through forestry and nursery development.

To participate in relief and rehabilitation activities at the time of natural calamities to help the victims.

To change the attitude of community people to provide assistance for developing people.

To establish taking library and Braille library where necessary. 

To create income streams in different ways with the permission of the government.

Establishment of white cane factory on its own initiative and distribution among the members and marketing outside if necessary.

Prepare white and green flags of 2/3 (two thirds) size according to the symbol of the organization.

Except as provided in the constitution of the organization and if other development oriented activities may be implemented subject to the approval of the executive and general assembly.

All the administration and activities of the organization shall be conducted in accordance with this constitution. Besides, the organization will be run in accordance with the World White Cane Safety Day and other days and circulars declared by the benevolent government.