Executive Committee


  • Executive Committee  consist of 11 members 


Idris Ali : President

Md Shahabuddin : Vice President,

Md Mokter Ali Secretary General,

Md Jahidul Islam Assistant Secretary,

Md Rostom Ali, Publicity Secretary

M A Manan Montu Executive Member, 

Hafez Rezayk Executive Member

Md Jajal Uddin Executive Member

Torikul Islam Executive Member

Md Abdus Samad Treasurer

Md Fazlul Haque  Executive Member

Executive Summary 

Bangladesh, being the most densely populated and one of the poorest countries in the world, the disables stand no chance of opportunity in life, especially if the person is poor and female. Out of 170 million, approximately 14% populations are blind. Bangladesh government has sets of rules and welfare systems to provide assistance but it does not sufficient for this group. JFB, Jessore Federation of the Blind a NGO, free from any political influences and benefits, was founded with a view to bring an end of suffering of this group, give them status and create a society where everyone will be respected. We believe everyone has a duty as a human, a duty within self and a duty towards others, keeping this sincere and honest approach; we concentrate our main activities to improve the Socio Economic status for the most disadvantage group (poor destitute population) and people  with disability. We started as a small organization but our honest and sincere efforts of our Executives, stuffs and volunteers are   enabling us to help more and more disadvantage groups every day and grow bigger. Currently, the activities of the organization are concentrating in the Jessore Districts of Bangladesh. 

Jessore Federation of the Blind (JFB)

  JESSORE ONDHO SONGHTAH Jessore Federation of the Blind (JFB) Office : Jail Road, Goph, Post-Jessore-7400, Kotwali, Jessore     Jessore F...